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SELBY FAMILY Starting in Ashton Keynes, WiltshireSelby: John 1767; John 1837; Joseph 1650; Joseph 1690; Mary 1752; MaryAnn 1805; Maurice 1812; Richard 1585; Richard 1614; Richard 1653; Richard 1690; Richard 1764; Robert 1627; Susanna 1650; Thomas 1716; William 1783: Palmer: Agnes 1874; Albert 1870; Albert 1903; Caroline 1878; Ellen 1888; Ernest 1881; Ernest 1899; Esther 1899; Hester 1872; Jane 1830; John 1847; Margaret 1849; Robert 1817; William 1783; William 1853; William 1905: Sainsbury: Ivy 1810; Myrtle 1914; Roger 1904: Telling: Ann 1835:
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Family Details
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Generation Generation No 9
Family -Member

22. WILLIAM9 PALMER (ROBERT8, WILLIAM7, MARY6 SELBY, THOMAS5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, RICHARD1) was born September 1853 in Leigh, Wil, Eng, and died Unknown.
He married ELIZABETH 'PALMER' Abt. 1880. She was born 1853 in Mayfield, Ssx, Eng, and died Unknown. 

Census Details

Census Location Family
1861  Dwelling: Malmesbury Road
Census Place: Leigh, Wilts 
Robert PALMER Mar 46 M Leigh, Wilt, Rel: Head Occ: Ag lab
Elizabeth PALMER Mar 34 F Ashton Keynes, Wilt, Rel: Wife Occ: Sg lab’s wife
William PALMER 8 M Leigh, Wilt, Rel: Son
Emanuel PALMER 4 M Leigh, Wilt, Rel: Son  
Census Location Family
1881  Dwelling 3 Napier Rd
Census Place Croydon, Surrey, England  
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
William PALMER Head M Male 28 Crickhead, Wiltshire, England Lab
Elizabeth PALMER Wife M Female 28 Mayfield, Sussex, England
James W. PALMER Son U Male 1 Mayfield, Sussex, England
Thomas SMITH Lodger U Male 29 Croydon, Surrey, England Labourer 

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Information on the Palmer family has been researched by myself at Bristol, Gloucester and Taunton Record Offices, and by John Palmer (Portishead) and Mike Sainsbury (Canada) using a variety of sources. Information about the Selby family has come from reseach by Rosemary Chalmers (Australia) and Les Haigh (Berkshire) as well as my research at Wiltshire and Swindon Archives. My thanks to Rosemary, Les and Mike for allowing me to use their data.
Links: to Rosemary Chalmers' site here; to Les Haigh's site here; to Mike Sainsbury's site here

i. JAMES W10 PALMER, b. July 1880; d. Unknown.